Anita Figurate HeadshotAnita Figurate Headshot

Anita Figurate

Eagle Point Branch Office Manager

​​​​​​​Anita Figurate brings over a decade of expertise to her role as the Eagle Point Branch Office Manager. Joining our team in 2019, Anita has been instrumental in overseeing the day-to-day operations of our Eagle Point branch office.

With a background that includes studying Business at Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College, Anita has accumulated more than 13 years of experience in office management positions for tax and accounting firms. Her extensive knowledge and dedication are evident in the exceptional service she provides to our tax and financial service clients. Anita handles all administrative functions associated with tax services, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of support.

Anita's favorite aspect of her job is the opportunity to foster strong, supportive, and productive relationships with both clients and team members. It is truly rewarding for her to hear clients express their satisfaction.

Her passion for her work is further fueled by the remarkable team she is a part of. Anita holds her colleagues in high regard, recognizing their individual talents and genuine commitment to mutual support. She is also quick to commend the exceptional leadership provided by the partners, citing our firm as her favorite company to work for.

Outside of the office, Anita embraces a "work hard, play hard" philosophy. She cherishes the presence of her close-knit family and friends, finding joy in the shared experiences that create lasting memories. With a commitment to staying fit and healthy, Anita starts each day early, eager to make the most of every opportunity. For her, every day is a gift, and she strives to savor life to the fullest for as long as possible.