Don Crawford HeadshotDon Crawford Headshot

Don Crawford, CPA

Tax Reviewer


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Don Crawford, a seasoned Staff Accountant, has been a vital member of our team since 1981. With a career that began in 1974, Don brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role, specializing in reviewing income tax returns.

Don's educational background is rooted in a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, which has provided him with a solid foundation for his work in the field.

What sets Don apart is his genuine enjoyment of working with people and his dedication to helping them navigate the complexities of tax law. His patient and informative approach ensures that clients feel empowered and informed.

Don's love for his team is evident in the close-knit bond they share. Together, they strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients, prioritizing excellence in all they do.

Outside of the office, Don's journey has taken him from a life as a retired farmer to a skilled accountant. While he initially sought education as a means to step away from farming, life's path led him back to the land he grew to love. Don's unique combination of farming expertise and accounting skills has proven invaluable, allowing him to serve his clients effectively. He finds joy in the world of taxes, a passion that aligns seamlessly with the demands of farming life. It's a balance that has worked remarkably well for Don, allowing him to thrive in both realms.