Monica Friel HeadshotMonica Friel Headshot

Monica Friel

Staff Accountant


Monica Friel, a Staff Accountant, has been an integral part of our team since 2010. Her multifaceted role involves bookkeeping, payroll, tax return preparation, research, and tax planning, showcasing her diverse skills in the field.

Monica embarked on her accounting journey in 2006 and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, providing her with a solid educational foundation. Her favorite aspect of the job is the connection with clients, emphasizing the importance of building lasting and faithful relationships with our wonderful clientele.

Working in a collaborative and supportive environment is what Monica appreciates most about her team. The current team's willingness to assist one another without ego-related issues makes for a pleasant and productive work atmosphere.

Outside the office, Monica enjoys spending quality time with her granddaughter. She is passionate about gardening and enjoys the company of her two wonderful dogs. ​​​​​​​Her love for the outdoors extends to soaking up the sunshine, and she cherishes the opportunity to travel, exploring new places and immersing herself in their history.