Shannon Skelton HeadshotShannon Skelton Headshot

Shannon Skelton, Licensed Tax Consultant, Enrolled Agent

Tax Manager

Shannon Skelton serves as a Licensed Tax Consultant and Enrolled Agent. Since joining us in 2003, Shannon has been instrumental in providing expert guidance in business and individual tax preparation, accounting, and payroll services.

With a career starting back in 2004, Shannon's education and expertise have been honed through a combination of on-the-job experience and rigorous coursework, including accounting classes at OIT and successfully passing state and federal exams for licensing.

Shannon's favorite aspect of her job is the profound impact it has on clients' lives. By alleviating their tax-related stressors, she helps them find peace of mind and financial security.

The camaraderie of the team is what makes working here so enjoyable for Shannon. In a field as complex and ever-changing as tax preparation, having multiple perspectives and sets of eyes is invaluable. It ensures that every client receives the best possible advice and service.

Outside of the office, Shannon enjoys a fulfilling personal life. She is the proud parent of two accomplished children. Her son specializes in echocardiography, while her daughter excels in accounting, and they are fortunate enough to work together in the same office. Shannon's love for animals is evident, even though her busy schedule only allows for the companionship of one beloved cat, Koda. An outdoors enthusiast, Shannon revels in activities like hiking and backpacking, and she has a keen interest in sightseeing. She aspires to venture into kayaking, further embracing the beauty and serenity of nature.